1. The admission will be allowed according to centralized schedule issued by the university.

  2. The admission form should be complete in all respects and submitted to the office of the college. Incomplete forms are liable to be rejected.

  3. Three latest passport size, attested photographs are to be attached.

  4. All the particulars and submitted documents should be legible and attested.

  5. A candidate who is admitted on the basis of false/incorrect/suppressed information submitted by him or by his guardian and at any subsequent time, if it is found that any portion thereof is incorrect or false, the admission of the candidates will be cancelled automatically. Fee and other dues paid by him shall be forfeited. The institute may also take any suitable action against the said student.

  6. Medium of instruction shall be English.

  7. BA.LL.B, LL.B and LL.M Course shall not be combined with any other course of study or apprenticeship except a foreign language course.