Dear Students

Vaish College of law welcomes you wholeheartedly into its fold. It is  a matter of immense pride that VCL being a constituent part of Vaish Education Society, Rohtak which has a unique feature of being the only Institution in India the foundation stone of which was laid down by the father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi on 16th Feb 1921.

Since then, growing leaps and bounds the VES added many institutions imparting education in almost all arena of education. VCL was  added to the group of institutions on 25th Jan 2010  when its foundation stone was laid by the then chief justice of India Hon’ble DR KG Balakrishnan , with a view to disseminate knowledge of law  and legal processes keeping in mind the growing need of legal knowledge for  national development. Vaish College of law is an endeavour to follow the footprints of our reverend ancestors by imparting legal education to the Building blocks of the nation.  At VCL education is imparted in such a manner by the highly dedicated and proficient faculty that learning becomes an integral part of their growing .The earnest effort being to facilitate education which will mould students into legal luminaries and academicians of high order, administrators and jurists in the approaching era. At the global level, the graph of expectations is scaling new heights. We can live up to these expectations and deliver our best only when we are backed up with high level of competencies and skills. We strive hard to offer our students salubrious learning ambience to provide plentiful opportunities to groom them into legal luminaries if not equal in caliber  , at least compatible to the likes of Mahatma Gandhi, Dr Rajendra Prasad, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel  to name a few. We are committed to provide practical knowledge and exposure by arranging court visits, moot court competitions, seminars, extension lectures etc.

VCL is a platform where you will be able to mount on your voyage to success facilitated, guided and supervised under the wings of the highly proficient teaching staff.

Wishing each and every one of you a life filled with academic fulfillment, prosperity, and wonderful career in law in such a manner that after completion of the course you will gear up the administration of justice with excellence.