Vaish Education Society

Vaish Education Society- A Brief Introduction

Every individual living in the society is indebted to pay in equal coin for whatever society has done for him. The thinking tanks of Vaish community embarked upon an ideal way to reimburse the society by establishing an Education Society the sole motto of which is ‘SHIKSHAARTH AAIYE, SEVAARTH JAAIYE’.

The futuristic approach being, to mould them those holding the baton of nation’s progress in their hands- children. The educational institute being the tapestry, where the future of a nation is being manufactured. It being the duty of every individual to give his contribution in the task of nation building. Our nation is on the brink of becoming an economic super power in the coming decade. So, it is a precondition especially in matter of skilled execution and strategic development of one’s abilities to be maneuvered in such a way to derive maximum output for the nation. This all needs successful planning and vision to hits the bull’s eye. Vaish Education Society one of the premier education society of India came in to existence in the year 1919 with this viewpoint. The foundation stone of its first institute was laid by Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi Ji, on February 16, 1921. Thereby making, Vaish Education Society a unique and distinct institution in whole India. We swell with pride for our distinctive attribute.

Since then the VES is progressing leaps and bounds and has looked ahead by catering to the needs of existing society. The VES is imparting quality education through its institutions since 1921. The family of VES has swelled up to 17000 life members on its roll. At present 11 dynamic institutions are working under its banner with around 16000 students being benefitted by it.

To keep pace with changing time and fulfilling the requirements of globalized professional world we emphasize on the holistic development of a student. In this era of skill oriented and techno – savvy professionals, we try to hone personality of our budding professional in a multifarious way. It is our utmost responsibility to provide them an easy access to the best education possible, addressing the winds of change and challenges in this fast changing world.